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Cerebral palsy girl lips typing write 20 millions of novels Fig

Because the limbs are not active, the daughter of king only lips typing ,her lips writing legend express reporter Liu Jinsong shot her is a cerebral palsy patients ,except for the head ,limbs did not move ,but she learned to use lip typing .
She hadn a day of school ,have not received any formal education ,he can understand basic Korean and Japanese ;more importantly ,she also wrote 20 wordsnovels ,became a network contract author .
She is 18 years old,the king ,a writing legend Zhenjiang girl .Reporter Liu Jinsong reported cerebral palsy - Zhenjiang girl with a mouth typing achievements 20 millions of novelsthis is an ordinary old buildings ,the king lives in a building .
At the age of 18, she is a cerebral palsy girl ,although can talk ,but more a mumbling voice .In addition to the head ,her limbs are not active, usually only in a wheelchair .Therefore ,she can use the mouth to .
The king knock action hurts, ordinary people casually touch keyboard for her too far : targeting a key ,she lowered her head, close to the keyboard ,and the lips by .The keys of the keyboard is very small, she sometimes by mistake, and she had to put his lips moved to the top right keyboard ,press the key again to eliminate code .
Along with the movement of the head ,her body shaking violently ,sometimes affecting no fixed wheelchair ,loss of balance ,she can only move slowly back to the keyboard .On average ,she was playing the last word on the document in three or four seconds .
The king to read novel ID called were relegated to the fairies ,she is a film called serial dragging a princess prince ,handedness novels .The novel is a lot of 90obsessed with the theme ,is about a pull and Prince ,Knight love story ,with a fairy tale color ,language easily ,dialogue witty .
In the novel ,this novel has now been updated to the 82chapter,20words,click a quantity to exceed 340000 .The authors remark column injection on contract writers .The reporter in the novel message board saw ,novel by many users praise ,many readers entangled in the plot of the story ,about the end of the story, many netizens hope to update author .
In the king daughter to write this novel at the same time ,she is still updated another called death of HRH Princess cold fairy tale novel ,this novel has been updated to 27 chapters,more than 6 words,click a quantity to will pass .
Pull handedness Princess son in January last year began to write ,have written more than a year ,every day can write more than ten thousand words, I only can write more than 2000 words, so relatively slow to update .
A reporter ,Christian Louboutin Outlet,the daughter of king with typing to reply, usually wrote the very next day at one o ,then up at 9 aftercontinuing to write,Christian Louboutin Shoes, if there is a feeling ,I will get up during the night to update .
In an interview with the king ,the computer has been playing Cyndi Wang in a slow song .The king ,said when writing her love with music ,playing a song cycle . Without music ,I can not write ,and the content of the song to be consistent with the plot of the novel .
Contract writers parents thought she was in her novel make fun of it ,we are in April of this year to know ,before that ,we always thought that she would only use a computer to play games .
The king the reporter ,in April this year, daughter suddenly speaks of a web site to find their signing things ,that people are willing to spend 4000 yuan to buyher creation of novels .
We thought she make fun of ,or is an Internet hoax ,no seriously ,because we feel that this is impossible .The king said ,the king was born with very beautiful ,but because of a medical accident, cause she became a child with cerebral palsy .
the doctor let us dispose of ,say ,a child ,even when they are growing up will involve parents ,but we know how ,after all, is the biological daughter ,so he didn signature .She also really and ordinary children are not the same, head old harp .
The king said ,the child no self-care ability ,can only stay at home ,neither went to school, also did not have any basic education .In the eyes of family ,she is a except eating and playing can do nothing for disabled children ,she ligatures are denied ,how can you write a novel? This is incredible .
The daughter of king father found understand network friends to verify it ,christian louboutin outlet,the results for the family to eat one Jing ,it is true, the website is a regular novel website ,have to buy copyright idea ,and contracts are written, and daughter signature .
We later learn ,when a college student reading a book in Beijing to see her novels are admired ,it suggested that she and the network signed .So ,this year first half of the year she became the site of the contract writers .
Out of concern and curiosity ,the king began to understand her daughter novels throughout the process ,know this daughter would not only write ,and also writes very well .Not only that ,she actually knows Japanese and korean .
Baidu Post Bar in the upper ,according to her as a tutor REBORN Japan catoon and caricature to rewrite the novel .The novel name is just a large empty Lan ,now also has been updated to the fourth chapter .
Talk about the words I particularly sensitive to the word nobody taught ,not into a day school ,how could she know so many characters ? Self-taught chanting, I genius ,just focus on .
The king responded to these questions by typing the daughter ,when I was young, my brother playing games on the Internet, I sat around watching brother .He rested ,I will quietly playing computer .
The daughter of a king began playing the game ,and then lost the series ,when I was little, watch TV ,christian louboutin uk,actor dialogue have subtitles ,I can correspond to what they said to distinguish the word ,including the subsequent Japanese and korean .
The king said to her daughter words are particularly sensitive ,as long as they once she remembered .But she stressed ,for Korean and Japanese cognition confined to spoken dialogue ,that is to say ,in everyday language ,she can understand ,but do not know the specific wording of the word ,because the TV series in the only sound is the original ,caption is translated text .
On the novel is not difficult to write .begins with a look online novels ,the most like to see kind of supernatural suspense novel ,then chatted up the mouth ,slowly had to write novels .
When it comes to write a novel ,daughter of king said ,from learning to read to write novels is a very natural thing ,but wrote novels not to start the foundation ,what is out of practice, as long as the effort of a deep ,the leaf can be ground into a needle ,but I think ,the novel is not so difficult to write ah ,as long as the write can read through it .
Don sell the copyright hope novel published in it is understood ,the daughter of King began writing fiction is the events of 2008 ,that year, she can be said to be make painstaking efforts ,created a hundreds of thousands of novel words ,but at the end of the year due to computer hardware is broken ,the novel once destroyed .
It makes her very upset ,as a result of the 2009 ,for a year ,she never wrote a word .After a year of dormant after 2010,the king ,the creation desire is ignited again .She began writing network novel dragging a princess overbearing son ,this year thoughts let me up ,I although disability ,but this is only the physical, but I think I have talent than most people .
The king said to her daughter ,has explored a way that belongs to her ,it is ,by writing ,I can support myself ,on the one hand can repay the parents, one hand is my future self-reliance basis .
The king signed a become a writer, and did not receive 4000 yuan to buythe copyright offer ,reason is feel more than this price .Her idea is ,contributed to the novel shelf ,based on the rate charged ;if the novel can reach a certain amount of reading, the novel will be published ,then again and press into ,from the shelves is not far away ,I believe I can succeed .
The king is very confident .Stories in the stomach to rely on office to buy my parents Wang villa daughter father told the reporter ,daughter short-term goal is to have one of their own creation office ,long-term vision is to pass the office to one family to buy a villa .
Sometimes I asked her ,what do you have so many things to write ?She pointed to the stomach ,they are all here ,the number of how many .The father smiles and says the king .The reporter contacted Beijing read novel editor .
When the editor told king a situation very surprised ,always think she is an ordinary little girl ,she did not expect such a different .The editors ,the daughter of king of thinking very agile ,answer typing speed is not slow ,did not find her any abnormalities .
He told reporters ,the daughter of King is very large, only articles written well ,and has a large readership ,pupils are . Her writing skills is very deep .The editor of a novel evaluation is king ,like the TV animation works ,lively and lovely, and the story twists and vivid ,rich strong infectivity .
She wrote are inspirational stories ,the protagonist is basically after suffering after gaining a success and love .Envy peers to participate in college entrance examination may one day be autobiographies written after the interview after returning to the office ,the reporter through the QQ took the king to friends ,her ID is Cinderella has be defeated and flee .
In the QQ space ,netizens gave her the evaluation is extremely intelligent ,online she is a very wise cute girl ,full of 18 years old girlsunique spirituality ,while physical inconvenience caused her much pokey .
Her signature exudes a touch of sadness ,Andersen is a liar ,a fairy tale ending is too hypocritical ,the Prince did not kiss the princess ,the prince and Princess of love is a story ,this is young girl inherent feelings of youth ?Or G in their life experience ?To this, the king did not respond ,she just said ,to live is to be happy ,so don to ,live each day can .
But the king did not deny that at one time there will be isn idea ,netizens often invited me to activities ,entertainment of what, I can only refuse ,to be honest, I hate group ,said not envy is false ,Christian Louboutin,but what can you do? I like many people go to them ,is it right? To envy others can go to school ,go to entertainment ?That is not a lot of killing brain cells ?The king said ,see others participate in college entrance examination ,sometimes I also will produce the envy of the idea ,but more often think is the college entrance examination and it doesn ,as long as one can have their own piece of heaven and earth can .
She says she is going to write an autobiography, perhaps which day suddenly wanted to write my story ,tentatively called King autobiography , but what to wait ,I don .Welcome to comment
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Guests attending the wedding will each receive 10000 Red

Morning paper reporter Ge Rongjin the wedding guests are given, but in the last week Ningbo Yinzhou District Hengjie town half village a wedding, to drink the wedding guests were not only to return money,Christian Louboutin Outlet, each get 10000 yuan big red.
Reportedly, the day issued a total of about 2000000 yuan, the bonus money from the groom a cousin."The wedding are all relatives and friends, I do can improve their life level,Louboutin Shoes, there's nothing wrong with.
"Yesterday, the money of a post in an interview with reporters confirmed this matter."A wedding party can be divided into such a big red, we are home to 3 people, took 30000 yuan."A wedding day,Christian Louboutin Shoes, villagers, Village Li's village health station at the entrance to his son wedding banquet.
The banquet began a moment, suddenly someone stood up, opened two suitcases penny.The village is described by several other wedding guests confirmed, according to introduction, up to 1 to 120000 yuan, go to 12 people.
The father of the groom said,christian louboutin uk, red hair is his nephew, this several years of work hard but to make money, his son a few years this work with nephew.On holidays, nephew to village elders send money.Post reporter was informed, the groom's cousin Qianmou engaged in import and export, investment advisory industry.
In 2008,Louboutin Outlet, the media reported that he spent 1200000 yuan from the Hangzhou a "sail" owners purchased "zhe A88888" license plate, hang on to their "Maybach".Last week's wedding, hanging "zhe A88888" is also one of the Maybach cars.
In addition, he worked in the Wenchuan earthquake, Yushu earthquake separately to Ningbo City Charity Donation of 180000 yuan and 880000 yuan.To share: welcome to comment I want to comment micro-blog recommended
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6 years of village Party Secretary of ganged despot arson poison

The new bulletin news reporter Li Guohui Liu Huoyan correspondent reports as a grass-roots village, not for the welfare of the neighbors, but mustered despot villain composition criminal gangs,christian louboutin outlet, cruelly oppress and exploit the common people commit crimes in violation of the law, run rampant.
Yesterday,Christian Louboutin USA, Guangzhou city "three do" to inform the media said, the Guangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau multiple departments jointly deployed 352 police raid on the town of new village, river, at one fell swoop wiped out with river town of new village secretary Liang Guangliang headed the criminal gangs, captured the suspect 33.
The 23 suspects to criminal detention,christian louboutin, reportedly, since 2009, Baiyun District River Town New Village area has occurred more than a vicious criminal cases, including the village pond being poisoned, car is artificially set fire to the homes of villagers, by spray paint, and even the village was placed explosives threat.
Receive masses to inform against, Guangzhou City Public Security Bureau set up a task force to investigate.As forensic investigation work gradually coming to an end, recently,christian louboutin uk, Guangzhou police will this crime gang organization and members of basic right.
According to the investigation, the gang to Liang Nuanqiu (nicknamed "big ball", male, 37 years old), Liang Weiyan (nicknamed "salt pot", male, 30 years old, are the river town of New Village) and Liang Guangliang (male, 60 years old, the river town of new village secretary) headed by gang members, about 27.
In March 29th this year, the deputy mayor, City Public Security Bureau under the command of Xie Xiaodan as a whole, the Municipal Public Security Bureau police departments a total of 352 people, car 40, divided into 27 capture groups, respectively, in the Baiyun District River town, Huadu District, at the same time to act, with Liang Nuanqiu, Liang Weiyan,Christian Louboutin, Liang Guangliang captured 33 suspects, seized the cash about 300000 yuan, the casino books and other tools group.
After a preliminary review of the Guangzhou police, according to Liang Guangliang and other 23 suspects to criminal detention, 3 administrative detention, others by Zhen after the release of education.
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Short distance without charger battery capacity oversized mobile

Domestic super intelligent machine millet M1 screen larger mobile phone consumption faster, or more electricity, this is the big screen mobile phone universal problems, because the mobile phone itself is a limitation so no way to increase the capacity of mobile phone battery, large capacity battery more often heavy so the current mobile phone could not bear this point, but now the manufacturers are in the positive do big screen intelligent mobile phone can also have a high energy battery,christian louboutin sale, here we recommend Xiaobian for several big screen intelligent mobile phone but the battery capacity is also great models, like a lot of attention!Millet mobile phone using Qualcomm MSM8260 1.
5GHz dual-core processor is currently the world's most powerful mobile phone one of the processors, owned by the Snapdragon System 3 camp, dual induction, for multiple tasks with two different working frequency,christian louboutin outlet, helps to reduce power consumption,christian louboutin shoes, improve the speed.
At the same time the chip with integrated Adreno220 GPU,Christian Louboutin Shoes, the GPU support Open GLES 2 and Open with VG 1.1 3D / 2D acceleration engine, 1080p video coding / decoding technology, equipped with 800 HD camera.
Millet mobile phone equipped with a 4 inch screen, resolution of 854 x 480 pixels, 16: 9 scale.The screen uses semitransparent TFT material,christian louboutin, high color saturation, in the sun show very clearly.In addition to performance, power consumption is a key problem of mobile phone of millet.
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Chapter 2 - Story Get More Stories at Quizilla

?Fine? I said catching my breath ?Please have you seen Nomso?? I asked,Louboutin Shoes
"Well you can take a quiz. I'm going to ask you questions,? Amy said and then it hit me. This was never going to end unless I stopped it.
I just sat there and blushed. Mom turned to look at me "Really? That's interesting. Who is it?" God I hated my sis right then.

I frantically searched for Nomso but he didn&rsquo;t seem to be around. Just then I spotted Seun. Seun is a friend of Nomso so he must know where he (Nomso) is&hellip;but he is really annoying (not sexy annoying like Nomso but ugly annoying). So I had to make a choice between talking to that twerp and finding out whether Nomso liked me or to just forget him. I had no choice since I only get to see Nomso on Sundays. If I didn&rsquo;t see him now I would have to wait for another seven days before I see him again. I&rsquo;m just too scared to ask him for his #. I chose to talk to him. As I advanced to the place where I had last seen him. Just then a spitball flew right past my hand, then another landed on my hair (after all the hours it took me to make it this beautiful) I looked up to see Seun, holding another spitball in his fist, aiming them at me.

At church

"No one you know" I said indifferently "besides I don't know if he likes me"

?He&rsquo;s in the adult church,? he said. I ran to the adult church only to see him at the front row. I just waited for the service to finish so that I could get him to notice me (which is really pathetic). After the service finished, I saw Nomso talk to a lot of pastors, deacons and so on. Then he started walking towards the door, which happened to be where I was standing&hellip; and he&hellip; just walked past me like he didn&rsquo;t see me. This wasn&rsquo;t the first time he had done that. On another Sunday,christian louboutin shoes, he had ignored me while on some Sundays he flirted with me nonstop. I guess it&rsquo;s just one of those days. I raced down the stairs and stood in front of the stairs to see who was coming down. As I stood there I spotted Nomso, and I was pretty sure he looked at me. I smiled and he&hellip; took his eyes off me and kept on walking. That hit me pretty bad. I walked back to my seat, feeling dejected. Just then, mom came and waved to us. Thank God I said to myself, wiped my tears,christian louboutin uk, picked up my things and followed her. As I was going downstairs with mom,Christian Louboutin Outlet, I tried my best to hide my feelings. Just then I saw Nomso, signing on a sheet of paper. I smiled to myself. He looked back, looked disappointed (that means he must have been looking for someone else) and left. *groan* why am I so desperate?
?Seun wait,Louboutin Pas Cher!? I called as I chased after him in my (painful) high heels. ?Please wait,Christian Louboutin Outlet! I need to talk to you!?
"Huh" I blinked
"You're smiling. It's been a long time since you've smiled" she said. I tried to act like I didn't know what she was saying when Amy found me our.

"Thank you" she smiled. I took a deep breath relieved that all eyes were off me. After that Amy started to talk about what to buy for her best friend,Louboutin, Chidera, on her birthday.
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"You seem happy today." Mom said to me

"Oh! I know" she said coyly "You're in love"

"I'd rather you'd not,? I said coldly. Two pairs of eyes turned to stare at me. "The food is lovely, Mom" I said breaking the silence.
"Horrible" said Amy who had been quiet all this while. Then she went on to tell of all the nasty pple she ran into. Everything passed like a blur. I started to think of Nomso and how good it would be to kiss him. A smile spread across my face.

He stopped, turned around and walked towards me ?If you dare do anything to me I promise I will hunt you down? he threatened

At home,Christian Louboutin USA, during dinner, mom asked everyone to eat at the table which sucked for me cuz I was planning to go and work on my plans to get Nonso's attention
"How was your day" Mom said in a cheerful voice
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